Welcome to Axacute Support

We create experiences that people love by providing personalized service delivered by experts who understand their solution, their industry, and their business. We work with our customers to anticipate challenges, proactively pursue opportunities and make the whole of our partnership greater than the sum of its parts. To help ensure that each customer is successful using Axacute software, we strive to:

  • Build a holistic customer experience across all Axacute Support disciplines
  • Make it faster and easier for customers to get answers and find solutions with automated tools and expanded engagement channels
  • Maximize knowledge sharing and inspire innovation

Support Plans

Community Support

Community Support is best effort support from our team using our community forum channels. Over here, you may also get help from other Axacute users. Users will also have access to Axacute Knowledgebase which include amongst others, user guides, technical guides, faqs, and release notes.

Standard Support

Any user on a paid plan can submit support tickets and get Axacute product help. This is on top of those offered in Community Support.


Free Plan

Customers who are on the Free Plan will only have access to Community Support.

Paid Plans (i.e. Starter, Professional and Enterprise)

Axacute currently provides a Standard Support as well as Community Support for customers who are on active paid subscriptions.

How To Register for Support?

In order to access Axacute’s Support platform, users will first need to register with Axacute.

Please note the following important points:

  1. You must register using the same email you used when you register for Axacute software. (Example, if you used john@somecompany.com to register for a Starter Plan, you will need to use to register to the Support platform).
  2. Registration to Axacute’s Support platform is subjected to approval and will take 48 hours.