• Flexible Deployment Options: SaaS (Cloud Server) and On-Premise
  • Supported OS: Microsoft Windows Server
  • Supported Database: MySQL
  • Web Client: Chrome (Recommended), Safari and Edge
  • Mobile Client: Chrome for Android 4.4 and later
  • Integration with Seagull Scientific Bartender 2019 R5 and above (On-Premise only)
  • API Integration with Accounting and ERP System
  • Responsive Web and Mobile User Interface
  • Device Agnostic.

General Features

  • Dashboard
  • User Defined Fields
  • Data Import via Excel/CSV File
  • Export Log and Report via Excel/CSV File
  • Export File Download Links with 24-Hour Access.
  • Multi-Warehouse
  • Multi-Location
  • Multi-UOM
  • QR Code Scanning (handle multiple-value) - ProductionModule
  • QR Code Scanning (handle multiple-value) - Inventory, Purchase, Sales Modules
  • Ready integration with QuickBooks Online
  • Cloud Printing with PrintNode Integration

Administration Module

  • User Creation and Maintenance
  • User Account Status Control
  • User Objects Access Permission
  • User Default Warehouse Control
  • User Timezone Control
  • User Group Creation and Maintenance
  • Parameters Control for Transactions
  • Site Settings
  • Barcode Label Customization
  • Preconfigured label templates
  • Order Number Definition

Inventory Module

General Inventory Features

  • Lot Number Definition
  • Inventory Count
  • Count Group
  • Pre-assigned Lot Number
  • Lot Tracking 

  • Shelf Life and Expiry Date 
  • Putaway
  • Stock Move
  • Customer Order Allocation 
  • FEFO/FIFO Issuance
  • Miscellaneous Issue and Receipt by Unit
  • Miscellaneous Receipt by Pallet
  • Alternate Barcode
  • Pallet

Transfer Order

  • Transfer Inventory between Warehouses
  • Transfer Order Creation and Maintenance

  • Transfer Order Header and Line Status Control
  • Auto Close Transfer Order
  • Transfer Order Shipping by Unit
  • Transfer Order Receipt by Unit
  • Transfer Order Shipping by Pallet
  • Transfer Order Receipt by Pallet
  • TO Shipping Control with Allow Over Ship Parameter


Customer Order Pick List

  • Order Lines Selection Criteria
  • Single Order Pick List
  • Shipping Zone Pick List
  • Zone Pick List
  • Customer Shipping Zone Pick List
  • Pick List Due Date and Time
  • Batch assign picker
  • Limit Pick List Load by Number of Item or Order
  • Pick List Header and Line Status Control
  • Auto Close Pick List
  • Mobile Pick List
  • Pick or Unpick


  • Item Inquiry


  • Pallet Inquiry
  • Location Inquiry

Log & Reporting

  • Value Change Log
  • Import log
  • Material Transactions History
  • Inventory Reports
  • Integration Log

Purchase Module

Purchase Order

  • Purchase Order Creation and Maintenance

  • Multiple Warehouse Purchase Order Line
  • Purchase Order Handling for Non-Inventory Items
  • Purchase Order Header and Line Status Control
  • Auto Close Purchase Order
  • Purchase Order Receipt by Unit
  • Auto Generate Purchase Order Receipt Label
  • Purchase Order Receipt by Pallet
  • Purchase Order Receipt by Multi-Pallet
  • Purchase Order Return

Sales Module

Customer Order

  • Customer Order Creation and Maintenance

  • Multiple Warehouse Customer Order Line
  • Customer Order Handling for Non-Inventory Items
  • Customer Order Header and Line Status Control
  • Auto Close Customer Order
  • Customer Order Picking by Unit
  • Customer Order Shipping by Unit 
  • Customer Order Picking by Pallet
  • Customer Order Shipping by Pallet
  • Auto Generate Customer Order Shipping Label
  • Customer Order Return
  • Customer Order Control with Allow Over Ship Parameter  

Production Module

Job Order

  • Job Order Creation and Maintenance
  • Job Route Creation and Maintenance
  • Job Material Creation and Maintenance
  • Parent and Child Job Orders
  • Job Order Status Control
  • Bulk Update feature for Job Order Status 
  • Generate and Print Job Sheet
  • Single and Multi-level Bill of Materials

Work In Progress

  • Job Material Issue and Return
  • Job Material Issue by Batch
  • Job Receipt by Unit
  • Job Receipt by Pallet
  • Job Return
  • Start and End Labor Run
  • Start and End Machine Run
  • Direct and Indirect Hours
  • Machine Downtime Tracking
  • Work in Process Move
  • Work in Process Reverse
  • Record Scrap Quantity and Reason
  • Job Progress Bar
  • Color Indicator for Job Status
  • Real Time Job Status and Progress Information


  • Job Attachment Inquiry
  • Job Inquiry

Log & Reporting

  • Job Transactions History
  • Machine Transactions History
  • Value Change Log
  • Import log
  • Production Reports

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