This section will provide users a basic guide on how to enter and quickly navigate the Axacute System with ease.

Login Page

The Login Page is the first screen accessed from the recommended browser before users may perform transactions. To access the Axacute System, users must have a valid Username and Password.

Users may enter the Axacute System by entering the correct Site ID, Username and Password into the below screen. Following the input of this information, users should finalize the verification process by clicking the "I'm not a robot" button.

Reset Password

If a User has forgotten their Password, the Axacute System provides option to reset the User Password. System will send the reset password link to the user’s registered email address.

1. To reset your Password, click the Forgot Password? button in the Login Page.

2. In the Forgot Password page, insert the Site ID and Email Address of the user account. Click on the Request Password Reset button to complete.

3. User will receive the password reset link via email, follow the instructions in email to reset the password.

Navigation Bar

The Navigation Bar allows users to quickly move between forms and provides ease of access to users throughout the Axacute experience.

Other Action Buttons

There are two buttons at the top right corner. 

User can click on the Avatar button to open the Change Password form or Subscription form. (Only Site Owner can see the Subscription option)

User can click on the Help button to go to our Documentation page or send email to our support team.

Search Bar

Most of the forms will provide a search bar. The search bar allows users to filter and locate specific transactions or items within the form. Type search criteria in the Search Bar and press Enter button on your computer to use the search function.

The search bar appears as follows:

Table Settings

Most of the tables in the system allowed user to do settings. The settings that user make will be save as cache in browser. The settings are:

1. Change column sequence - Click on the column header and drag it to the prefer position.

2. Adjust column size - Click on the column right border to adjust the column size.

3. Show/Hide column - Click on the Columns button and tick or untick to show or hide column.