The Site Settings form is where you define your organization details. Site Settings form is only accessible by the Site Owner, which is the person who setup the site and will be given full access to objects. A Site is typically an Organization or Company. You can define the Site ID during purchase. The Site ID must be unique and is not allowed to change, please consider carefully before setup. In the Site Settings form, you can define your Site name, time zone and date format.

Moreover, it also allows user to determine the company information such as company name, email, and upload of company logo into Axacute. The company name and logo are important as it will be displayed on the report and document headers of Axacute. Site Settings form also allows Site Owner to maintain their details such as user description, timezone, and default warehouse. You can find it via this path:

Administration -> Site Settings


Site Settings


Site name (Example: company name)

Site ID

Site ID determined during setup


Time zone to be use throughout the system

Date Format

Date format to be input and display in system

Company Info

Company Name

The name of the company

Contact Number

The official contact number of the company


Email address of company

Registration Number

Company registration number


Company fax number


The website link of company

Company Logo

The logo of company.

File Type: JPEG, PNG, or JPG

Max Logo Dimension (pixels): 140px x 140px

Contact Person Info

First Name

First name of the contact person

Last Name

Last name of the contact person

Contact Number

Phone number of the contact person


Position of the contact person


Email address of the contact person