Users object under Administration module is for create and maintain Axacute users. User specific settings are setup here as well. To provide employees access to Axacute, you will first need to create Users. Site owner who created the site is the first user in the system, you can see the details inside the users table. You can find it via this path:

Administration -> Users

Add User

1. In the User List form, click the Add button.

2. In the Add User form, enter the user details.



Axacute login username

First Name

User first name

Last Name

User first name


Employee’s email address


User password

Confirm Password

User password confirmation


Active, Disable or Locked. Indicate the status of the user account

Default View

User default view

Default Warehouse

Default warehouse where the employee will use Axacute  

User Group

User group of the employee

Site Administrator

Tick to assign the user as site administrator.


  1. Site Owner -  The user has full system permissions.  
  2. Site Administrator -  The user has all system permissions except the ability to manage site setting information and manage subscription information.
  3. User - The user has no system permission and cannot access the administration console. They are an end user only.


3. Click Save button to add new user.

Edit User

1. In the User List form, click on the Edit button.

2. In the Edit User form, edit the user details. Username is not editable once created. Site owner's email is not editable.

3. Click Save button to complete.

View User

1. In the User List form, click on the username (highlighted in blue).

2. In the View User form, user may view the details and objects of the user. No edit is allowed in this page.

Delete User

1. In the User List form, tick the checkbox for the user who needs to be deleted. 

2. Click the Delete button to delete the selected record. 

3. A warning message will be prompted to ask for confirmation on delete; click the Yes button to proceed with the deletion.

4. Deleting the Site Owner account is not allowed. 

5. Regardless of the user's status, an account with Administrator or User roles can be deleted if the user does not have any records in the Material Transactions, Job Transactions, or Machine Transactions list. The system will block the user from deleting the account if any such transactions exist.