System admin can create user groups in the system to group multiple users who have the same access (object). Each user can only allow to add into one user group. User who added into a user group will auto assign the access (object) belongs to the user group. You can find it via this path:

Administration -> User Groups

Add User Group

1. In the User Groups form, click the Add button.

2. In the Add User Group form, enter the Group Name and Description.

3. Under the Group Users tab, click on Add User button to add user into the group. Each user is only allowed to assign to one user group.

4. Under the Group Objects tab, click on Add Object button to add object for the group.

5. Click on Save button to add new user group.

Edit User Group

1. In the User Groups form, click the Edit button.

2. In the Edit User Group form, Description is editable.

3. Under Group Users tab, can click on the Delete button to remove the user from the group.

4. Under Group Objects tab, can click on the Delete button to remove the object from the group.

5. Click Save button to complete.

Delete User Group

1. In the User Groups form, tick the checkbox for the user group which need to be delete. Delete a user group will remove the user group’s objects of the user from the deleted user group. Click the Delete button to delete.

2. A warning message will be prompt to ask for confirmation on delete, click Yes button to delete.