The Custom Field form allow user to create new customize field in the master data and transaction forms. Each form allows to create custom fields of up to 3 Text fields, 2 Long Text fields, 2 Numeric fields or 3 List fields. You can find it via this path:

Administration -> Custom Fields

Add Custom Field

1. In the Custom Field List form, click the Add button.

2. In the Add Custom Field form, select the table (form) to add custom field and enter the compulsory fields and options. 


Table Name

Determine the form to add the custom field

Field Name

The name of the custom field

Field Type

The type of the custom field. Text, Long text, Numeric or List

Max Characters

The maximum characters for the custom field

Rounding Decimals

The rounding decimals control for numeric type custom field

Field is Required

Define if the custom field is a compulsory field in the form

Field is Editable

Define if the custom field is allow to edit

Display with List

Define if the custom field will be display in the table listing

3. Click Save button to add the new custom field.

Edit Custom Field

1. In the Custom Field List form, click the Edit button.

2. In the Edit Custom Field form, make the necessary amendment. Table Name and Field Type is not editable once created.

3. Click Save button to complete.

Note: When edit the custom field, user is not allowed to edit the max characters and rounding decimals to smaller than original value.

Delete Custom Field

1. In the Custom Field List form, tick the checkbox for custom field which need to be delete. Delete a custom field will erase the records from database. Click the Delete button to delete.

2. A warning message will be prompt to ask for confirmation on delete, click Yes button to delete.