Labor & Machine provide an option for admin to stop the labor or machine transaction from the web version. All pending transaction including job run, indirect task, job setup, and down time will be list in the table. Admin can manually stop the labor or machine transaction and define the stop date and stop time. This function is useful when the employee forgot to stop the transaction. When the pending transaction is stop or end by the employee, it will be auto removed from the Labor & Machine List. The fields in the Labor & Machine form are:



Warehouse where the labor and machine run

(Must exist in Warehouses master)

Job Order

A job order number uniquely identifies a job order

(Must exist in Job Orders transactions and is from the selected warehouse)

SuffixThe job order suffix number


Sequence number of the job route

Work Center

The work center to operate this job route

(Must exist in Work Centers master)

Job Type

Identifies what is the running job type:

Job Run

Machine/Employee Id

Identifies the labor or machine which is running

Employee Name

This is the full name of the employee.

Machine Description

This is the description or name of the machine.

Start Date Time

The start date and time of the running job

Stop Date Time

Identifies the stop date and time to record the end of the running job


Identifies the reason for machine downtime

Stop Labor & Machine

Case: Stop running Labor & Machine.

1. In the Labor & Machine List form, click the Edit button of the running job which needed to stop.

2. Fill in all required fields.

3. Click Stop button to complete.