New Features

  1. Allocation
    • System performs hard allocation according to the issuance rule (FEFO, FIFO, Lot) of the required items for customer order, job order and transfer order.
    • Comprehensive filter options for order line selection.
    • Parameter settings to control permission to edit the allocation by system.
  2. Order Number Definition
    • Order prefix for system to auto generate order number for customer order, purchase order, transfer order and job order.
    • User can define the running number digits and start running number.
  3. Zone
    • Zone maintenance to group multiple locations in the warehouse into a zone.
    • User can define the zone ranking.
  4. Item Warehouse
    • Item warehouse maintenance to show the total quantity on hand of item by warehouse.
    • User can define the reorder level of the item.
  5. Background Task
    • Background task allows some process like allocation and file importation to run behind without user intervention.
    • Background task history to record the task performed, submitted, and completed time and the status.
  6. Number Format
    • New control under system transaction parameters for user to define the decimal points to display for unit quantity, quantity per, and total quantity.
  7. Bill of Materials
    • BOM maintenance under master files for production module. User can create and maintain different revision of BOM.
    • Allow user to print BOM, export into Excel or CSV file, and copy BOM to create new job order.
  8. Job Return
    • This new feature under production module in mobile version allow user to return the job item to the shopfloor for rework.


  1. Item Below Reorder Level Report
    • This new inventory report will list out the item in the warehouse which inventory level is below the reorder level set in item warehouse master.
  2. Pick List Enhancement
    • User can generate pick list by zone which can increase picker productivity and cut travel time.
    • Batch updates allow admin to make changes at one time for multiple pick lists. It can be assigning picker, change status and due date time.
  3. Inventory Count Enhancement
    • Allow user to print out the inventory count sheets
    • Batch updates allow admin to assign counter for multiple count sheets.
    • Count sheets need to be fully counted before user can review and post counted.
  4. Rearrange Menu Objects
    • The position of the objects in master files and transactions maintenance had rearranged by category and sequence to create the data.
    • Colour coded for the object button by category.
  5. TO Shipping Label
    • New label template added for user to print after perform transfer order shipping.
  6. Error Message Enhancement and Standardization
  7. File Importation Enhancement
    • File importation process as background task without interruption on user usage.
    • Support up to 25,000 lines per file.
  8. Site Owner and Site Administrator Roles
    • Site owner will be determined when user create the site. Site owner is the only user can access to the site settings page and assign user as site administrator.
    • Site owner will be given full access to the objects and is not allowed to add into user group.
  9. Lot Number Definition Enhancement
    • Allow user to define the running number digits and start running number.
  10. UI Improvement for Web and Mobile Interface
  11. UOM Conversion Enhancement
    • Apply UOM conversion to all transactions such as transfer order shipping and receive, job material issue, stock move etc.
  12. Table Settings
    • Allow user to select columns to show/hide, drag to change column sequence and width.
  13. Default Location Enhancement
    • Support default location for multiple warehouses in parameter settings.
  14. Quantity Available Validation
    • Quantity available is the quantity on hand deduct quantity allocated.
    • All issuance transactions will validate on the quantity to not allow exceed the quantity available.
  15. CO Shipping Enhancement
    • Link CO Shipping process with pick list. User can perform shipping after the pick list picking process.
    • Allow user to perform shipping by customer or customer order. User can combine multiple orders from same customer in one shipment.
    • System auto generates shipment ID after perform CO shipping.
  16. Manual Picking and Shipping
    • For the existing CO Picking and Pick and Ship function, it is only allowed to perform based on the quantity shortage of the customer order line.
    • Quantity shortage is quantity balance minus quantity allocated.
  17. Display Expiry Date in Barcode Label
  18. Print Label Settings
    • Add print label option in transaction parameters for process such as CO Picking, CO Shipping, Job Receipt etc.

Bugs Fixes

  1. Fix to allow start machine downtime and stop the machine run at a time.
  2. Fix the error when edit custom field for list type.
  3. Add in the transit location for transfer order and transfer order shipping transaction.
  4. Not allow user to change transit location when the transfer order shipped quantity is more than zero.
  5. Validate when user edit quantity ordered/required for purchase order, transfer order, customer order and job order.
  6. Fix to prompt user to enter expiry date for expiry tracked item in transfer order receipt transaction.
  7. Fix the error when perform job receipt.
  8. Add the quantity to unpick field in the customer order unpicking form.
  9. Missing validation on selected warehouse with the job order number and operation number in labour run mobile form.
  10. Fix the parameter does not function issue on job material issue (allow over issue) and stock move (print label).
  11. Fix the bug where system not showing the quantity available for lot tracked item.
  12. Validate vendor DO when perform PO receipt and PO return.
  13. Fix the status filter not working for Job Operation Hours and Scrap Reason reports.
  14. Validate and not allow user to change Machine status to inactive when it is under machine downtime.
  15. Fix the error when user perform job transaction due to different date format.
  16. Fix the issue where the expiry date field will be missing after the Misc Receipt process failed.
  17. Fix the wrong calculation of the job material quantity required based on quantity per and scrap factor.
  18. Fix issue where user permission will be overridden after change user default warehouse.