New Features

  1. Multi-Level BOM
    • User can create multi-level BOM with validation by the system on the relationship of the items.
  2. Multi-Level Job
    • User can create multi-level job with the multi-level BOM.
  3. Alternate Barcode
    • User can create multiple alternate barcodes for the item.
    • Mobile user can use alternate barcode to perform all transactions.
  4. Demo Data
    • User can try out the system with the demo data. This feature only applicable to Axacute Free plan.
  5. Shipping Zone
    • New master data for user to maintain the customer shipping zone.
    • Assign the shipping zone for customer order, which allow user to generate pick list by shipping zone.


  1. Enhancement on Reports
    • Add new reports: Purchase Order Status, Customer Order Status, Job Scrap Summary, Item Scrap Summary, Labour Status Summary, Job Order Status, Job Processing Hours By Operation, Job Scrap Summary By Operation.
    • Provide function for user to print the report.
  2. Batch Print for Pick List
    • Provide filter option for user to select the range of pick list to print out by batch.
  3. New Sign Up Flow
    • Simplify the flow for user to sign up Axacute plan without credit card info.
  4. UI Enhancement
    • Enhancement on the UI, font size, button colour, table design, table pagination and alignment for the web version.
    • Redesign the navigation of the side menu in web version.
    • Enhance the alignment and design for printed documents such as job sheet, pick list, bill of materials and etc.
  5. Value Change Log Enhancement
    • Record changes make by user on order status and order line allocation.

Bugs Fixes

  1. Fixed the dummy error content in the first field when export via CSV.
  2. Fixed the bug where user able to start job run for job route without quantity received.
  3. Fixed the Allow Partial Pick parameter settings bug which not allow to partial pick even is selected.
  4. Fixed the error when sort Qty Returned column in Job Material List.
  5. Fixed the parameter settings bug on Allow Pick List Partial Pick.
  6. Fixed the dummy content in the first column of exported CSV file.