1. What are the features of Axacute?

You may access our summary features list to know what can you do with Axacute.

2. Can I get a consultation before purchasing Axacute?

You may access the documents from our resources page which help you to understand more about Axacute. Besides, you may contact our sales team via email at sales@axacute.com  for the consultation.

3. Can I have customized features?

There will be no customized features for Cloud (SaaS) version. However, if you are an Enterprise plan subscriber, you can engage a consulting service with us and we can work together to develop a workaround solution to the best of your interest. 

4. Do you sell barcode scanners and printers?

You may send your requirement to sales@axacute.com, our salesperson will assist you with that.

5. Is there any demo data available for testing?

Yes, the demo data is only available for the Free plan. You may subscribe to the Free plan to try out the system with the demo data.