New Features

  1. General Dashboard

    • Show status customer order, purchase order, transfer order, job order and pick list.

    • Show current running job run, machine run and machine down time.

    • Allowed user to filter the info based on warehouse.

    • User can view more information in new tab.

    • User can arrange the sequence of the widgets by drag and drop.


  1. Add import function for UOM Conversion and Count Group master files.

  2. Allowed to edit vendor code for purchase order when the quantity receipt is 0 for all the order lines.

  3. Add validation when post inventory count, quantity to post cannot be less than quantity allocated.

  4. Change the export file name based on the object.

  5. New parameter settings to define the default issue by rule for lot tracked item.

  6. Enhancement on the Inventory Balance Report added cut-off date in filter and export file name.

  7. Added object filter in Import Log.

  8. Allowed to add Vendor Lot info into label template.

  9. Display purchase order, customer order and transfer order in the listing table even though the order is without any order line.

  10. Added global time zone in site and user settings.

  11. Added access control for Alternate Barcode, Shipping Zone, Value Change Log and Background Task.

  12. Added shipping zone range filter in Add Pick List form.

  13. Added ‘Expire in the next [X] day(s)’ filter in Lot Expiry Report.

  14. Added hyperlink for Ref Num and Ref Line columns in Material Transactions table, it will redirect to view order page.

  15. Added transaction parameter for user to control the inventory count variance to show by unit or percentage.

Bugs Fixes

  1. Fixed the label print issues when print from mobile devices.

  2. Fixed the bugs where job order status can change to Open from Released or Completed when the job already transacted.

  3. Fixed the bugs where vendor lot is not updated to Lots master file.

  4. Fixed the bugs where user not able to update shipping zone in customer order.

  5. Fixed the bugs where error message showing NaN value in Stop Machine Run form.

  6. Fixed the bugs on validation for the quantity to scrap in Stop Machine Run form.

  7. Fixed the error after perform pick list pick and unpick. Added label template for pick list to solve the error.

  8. Fixed the validation error for quantity to scrap, quantity to complete and quantity to move in End Labor Run and Stop Machine Run forms.

  9. Fixed the bugs where user cannot select date that is already passed when stop labor or machine run in Labor & Machine table.