Axacute, originating as a robust data collection solution, has evolved into an integrated system that digitizes processes and transactions in both warehouse and production shop floors. While it shares functionalities with a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), its primary focus remains on optimizing data gathering rather than serving as a full MES. Axacute empowers manufacturers by providing comprehensive tools for precise data collection, facilitating error reduction, and significantly improving operational efficiency across the production and supply chain domains.

Key Features and Benefits of Axacute:

1. Improve Accuracy, Speed & Quality

  • Achieved through the automation of information flow and processes, incorporating barcode scanners and mobile devices.
  • System back-end validation minimizes human errors in various processes.

2. Real-Time Visibility & Real-Time Updates

  • Seamless transmission of transaction records and data across the warehouse and production floor.
  • Real-time job and inventory status updates for enhanced control and informed decision-making.

3. Workflow Optimization & Production Tracking

  • Bill of material and job sheet functionality provides insights into what needs to be built, including steps, materials, and quantity information.
  • Job inquiry feature offers real-time updates on job operations, including completed and scrapped quantities.

4. Reduce Shopfloor Paperwork

  • Direct access to pick lists and job order documents via mobile computers.
  • Generation and storage of bills of material in the system contribute to efficient paperless operations.

5. Responsive Web & Mobile User Interface

  1. User-friendly design with responsive interfaces that support various devices and screen sizes.
  2. Compatibility with browsers in most operating systems enhances usability.

6. SaaS & On-Premise

  • Two architectural setups to cater to different company requirements.
  • SaaS offers a cloud-based solution, while On-Premise allows hosting on your own server for greater control.

7. Stand-alone or Integration with ERP/Accounting

  • Operate Axacute as a standalone solution or seamlessly integrate with your ERP/Accounting system via API.
  • Coordination between systems enhances process efficiency, with synchronized orders and transactions.

As Axacute continues to evolve, the system aims to provide more advanced features for warehousing and manufacturing. Its adaptability, real-time capabilities, and integration options make it a versatile solution for businesses seeking to optimize their operations and improve overall efficiency.