Bill of Materials (BOM)

  1. Contains comprehensive inventory information for raw materials, assemblies, subassemblies, parts, and components.
  2. Users can create and maintain different BOM revisions.
  3. Supports both single-level and multi-level BOMs.
  4. Enables the creation of parent and child job orders by copying from multi-level BOMs.

Job Order, Route, and Material

Job Order, Route, and Material Creation and Management

  1. Users can create and manage job orders.
  2. Defines order details, warehouse, job item, start and end dates, quantity released, and notes.
  3. Job route represents the sequence of operations converting raw materials to finished goods.
  4. Job route attachments and materials can be added and maintained.
  5. Job route must be attached before releasing the job order.
  6. Material list for each job route includes material sequence, quantity, and scrap factor.

Order Number Definition

  1. Users can define a specific job order number format.
  2. The system generates order numbers based on the format specified by the user.
  3. Enables customization of order number structures to align with organizational preferences.
  4. Users can maintain one active order number definition per order type.
  5. Facilitates systematic and structured order numbering for various types of transactions.

Job Status Updater

  1. Simplifies modifying job statuses for multiple job orders.
  2. Intuitive user interface for selecting and updating specific records.
  3. Handles large data sets efficiently.
  4. Provides instant feedback on errors or invalid inputs.

Job Sheet

  1. Allows printing of job sheets containing job order, route, and material information.
  2. Essential document for shop floor employees for understanding and preparing for their work.

Job Material Issue and Return (Mobile Version)

  1. Users can issue materials to job orders' operations.
  2. Validates quantity issued based on parameter settings.
  3. Allows return of excess unused materials with transaction records.

Batch Job Material Issue (Mobile Version) 

  1. Issues multiple non-lot-tracked materials to the production floor in a single transaction.
  2. Matches the outstanding quantity precisely.

Job Material Issue Label (Mobile Version) 

  1. Auto-generates labels after issuing materials.
  2. Users can print and affix labels to items.

Work in Process (WIP) Move (Mobile Version) 

  1. Allows moving jobs between operations without recording labor or machine runs.
  2. Requires defining job order, operation, completed quantity, moved quantity, and scrapped quantity.
  3. Updates records into the transaction history.

Work in Process (WIP) Reverse 

  1.  Allows users to rectify or adjust previous WIP Moves effortlessly. 
  2. Users can achieve this by selecting the corresponding WIP Move history log from the Job Transaction listing. 
  3. Updates records into the transaction history.

Labor Run and Machine Run (Mobile Version) 

  1. Three types of labor runs: Job Run, Job Setup, and Indirect tasks.
  2. Machine run and machine downtime functionalities.
  3. Records time spent and details into the transaction history.

Labor and Machine Control 

  1. Admin can stop labor or machine transactions from the web version.
  2. Useful for handling pending transactions and ensuring accurate records.

Job Receipt and Return (Mobile Version) 

  1. Allows receiving finished goods from the job.
  2. Facilitates returning finished goods from the warehouse location back to the job operation.
  3. Generates transaction records and updates inventory levels.

Job Receipt Label (Mobile Version) 

  1. Auto-generates labels after receiving finished goods .
  2. Users can print and affix labels to items

Inquiry (Mobile Version)

Job Inquiry

  1. Allows users to view the status, progress, and details of job orders.

Job Attachment Inquiry

  1. Enables searching all attachments and notes on job orders, routes, and materials.

Log & Reporting

Job and Machine Transactions History Log

  1. The Job Transactions form comprehensively records all historical transactions related to job orders on the production shop floor.
  2. The Machine Transactions form meticulously documents historical transactions related to specific machines on the production shop floor.


  1. Provides various reports like Job Operation Hours, Scrap Summary, Scrap Reason, Machine Status, etc.

The Production Module in Axacute streamlines and enhances the efficiency of shop floor processes, from creating job orders to managing materials, labor, and machine transactions. The module offers comprehensive features for tracking, controlling, and reporting on production activities.