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File Name
101-Implementation ChecklistInitiationA series of FAQ and Q&A that help you in decision making from initiation to go-live stage.
202-Transaction Parameter Configurator
BuildA template to help you define and configure your transaction parameter settings.
303-Cut-Over Planning TemplateDeployA template that serves as a guideline to help you outlining your cut-over schedule before go-live.
404-Import Templates .  Deploy


1. Excel file that has just one sheet

2. Column headers on the first row

3. All required fields must be filled in

A zip file that contains all the Excel templates that you would need during data preparation.

Important Notice on Date and Time Handling:

As you prepare to use these templates for data integration, please be reminded that all date and time fields should be formatted in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) using the ISO 8601 standard. Proper handling of these fields ensures seamless data processing and integration across different time zones. For detailed guidance on formatting and converting date and time fields, please refer to our Handling Date and Time Fields in Data Integration guide.