New Features

  1. Ready integration with QuickBooks. QuickBooks user can connect Axacute with QuickBooks and sync the records in real time. Integrate Axacute with QuickBooks can eliminate double entry errors, time saving and has better process coordination. User can use Axacute to focus on inventory management and capture all warehouse processes. Records that can be sync are as below:
    • Product Codes master
    • Items master
    • Vendors master
    • Purchase Orders
    • Customers master


  1. Added transaction parameters for all label type to control warehouse selection by user.
  2. Allow user to edit the item for Purchase Order, Transfer Order, and Customer Order when there is no issuing or receiving for the order line.
  3. Added more parameters such as date range and transaction type for user to get transaction history via API.
  4. When user removed all order lines from one order, the order header still can be found from the listing table. User can continue to use the order header. This apply to Purchase Order, Transfer Order and Customer Order.
  5. Added Manufacturing Date into Lot master as reference purpose. User can insert from Lot master or from PO Receipt form.
  6. Item and Customer/Vendor fields are not allowed to edit in UOM Conversion.
  7. Added Addresses table in Customer master. User can maintain multiple addresses for each customer and can be select when create customer order.
  8. Added new transaction history type to track the inventory ship to and receive from transit location for transfer order.
  9. Allowed user to search purchase order line by Item and Vendor during PO Receipt. User can receive the order line without knowing the order number.
  10. Allowed user to search using alternate barcode in the search fields for all listing pages in mobile.

Bugs Fixes

  1. Fixed the search and filter issues where user unable to search the value with special character / or \.

  2. Fixed the filter issue in listing table where user unable to filter with certain date format.

  3. Fixed the issue of item description not showing when user using alternate barcode in mobile forms.

  4. Fixed the issue where the item search list in mobile forms display all items. It should only display the list of items belongs to the selected order.

  5. Fixed the issue where mobile transaction such as PO Return, CO Picking, CO Unpicking and CO Return unable to select or filter by item.

  6. Fixed the issue where lot number running number is wrong when it has only one digit running number as lot definition.

  7. Fixed the issue where machine run transaction is not recorded into the Last Trans under Job Inquiry.

  8. Fixed some errors for the master and transaction files during create and update using API.