New Features

  1. The "Picking Location" feature allowed users to define the location for picking purposes.  It restricts the user to perform allocation, picking, stock movement and issue from this location.
  2. The "Material Issue by Unit" feature allows the user to view the Quantity Required in the Base UOM in the Job Material Issue form and Job Sheet report.


  1. The "Self Unlock" feature is designed to enable the site owner and site administrator to unlock their account.
  2. Allow the user to print the label for Labor Run, Machine Run and WIP Move for the last operation.
  3. Improve the performance of the Job Scrap Summary by Operation report
  4. Reset the session after logging off.
  5. Block transaction from transit location except TO Receipt.
  6. Enhance the Job Sheet report.
  7. Improve the duration of the allocation process.
  8. Add a search field in the Pick and Unpick form.
  9. Added additional validations for field format.
  10. The CO Picking/Shipping label shows the customer's name from the CO rather than the Customer master.
  11. Allow the user to set the default value of Ship By in the Customer Order Shipping form.
  12. Set the default sort of the Pick List Items form to "Location".
  13. Enhance validation of Additional Barcode creation.
  14. In the Importation Log, added the Line indicator and display the message on the corresponding line.
  15. Provide the clearest message in the CO Shipping form to inform the user which CO line does not have sufficient quantity on hand.
  16. Apply pagination on the list.

Bugs Fixes

  1. Fixed the problem of improperly restricting excessive authentication attempts.

  2. Fixed allocation filter functionality.

  3. Remove redundant validation message in Confirm Picking form.

  4. Fixed issue related to unable to view Employee Code created with special characters.

  5. Fixed Job Scrap Summary by Operation report search functionality.
  6. Fixed Machine Transactions form search functionality.
  7. Fixed Job Transactions form search functionality.
  8. Fixed Value Change Log form search functionality.
  9. Fixed the Integration Log form status search functionality .