New Features

  1. Create a Integration Log form that allows users to see the triggered API integration tasks and their results. You can get an overview of all successful and failed attempts to API synchronize data between Axacute and your system.
  2. Create a new API to be able to delete Vendor and Shipping Zone records.


  1. In the Background Tasks form, state the reason for the allocation failure. 
  2. Increased the length of the work center from 30 to 100 chars.
  3. Added the transaction parameter "Disable new location creation" which allows the user to define whether the user can create a new location during the Stock Movement transaction.
  4. Provide a hyperlink to the Ref. Num. column in the Material Transaction form for WIP Move/Machine Run/Labor Run transactions.
  5. Improved performance when displaying the Job Transaction list.  

Bugs Fixes

  1. Added WIP Move and Machine Run in the Trans Type dropdown list. 
  2. Fixed the issue on the Item Inquiry form where the Lot button was unresponsive.