New Features

Pallet Module

  1. The pallets functionality consolidates inventory into pallets within a warehouse and stockroom location.
  2. These transactions allow you to provide an LPN, and the system will carry out all single-level inventory transactions seamlessly, allowing the movement of inventory with a single transaction.
  3. This functionality applies to following transactions:-
    1. PO Receipt
    2. Job Receipt
    3. Misc. Receipt
    4. CO Picking - CO Unpicking - CO Shipping
    5. TO Shipping - TO Receipt
  4. Additionally, the Pallet Module allows for advanced inventory management, including :-
    1. Pallet Move - you can easily move pallets from one location to another within a warehouse
    2. Pallet Letdown - enables you to remove items from a pallet, either partially or completely, and move them to another location.
    3. Pallet Item Transfer - lets you transfer items between pallets within the same warehouse and location
    4. Pallet Builder - allows you to move loose items from a location into an existing pallet. 
    5. Pallet Destruction - you can easily empty and destroy pallets as needed. 


  1. Capture the Machine ID in the WIP Move form. 

Bugs Fixes

  1. The modified date of the Zone was adjusted according to the time zone configuration.