New Features

  1. Job Order Status with Bulk Update Utility  

The bulk update utility offers a user interface that allows users to select Job Order records for updating their status, as well as specifying the desired new status values. The utility then executes the updates on the Job Status automatically, without any manual intervention required. This feature proves to be especially beneficial for handling vast Job Order data sets, as it saves significant time and effort. Moreover, the utility provides immediate feedback on any invalid entries or errors. 

2. Data Exportation via File 

This new functionality that allows users to download records from the maintenance master file to their local machine in either XLSX or CSV format.

3. TO Shipping Control with Allow Over Ship Parameter  

The "TO Shipping" object now includes a new Transaction Parameter called "Allow Over Ship," which allows users to perform Transfer Orders with quantities exceeding the required quantity. This new feature provides greater control and flexibility in managing shipping processes. 

4. Batch Job Material Issue 

This new functionality that allows users to issue multiple non-lot-tracked Job Materials from a location in a single transaction.    


  1. Reversal UOM Conversion
    This feature allows users to create conversions for reversing unit of measure (UOM) in the system. This enhancement provides greater flexibility in managing UOM conversions, which can help streamline inventory and ordering processes.
  2. The custom fields created at the lines listing level will be visible to all users who have access to that particular listing.
  3. Optimized performance of the Item Scrap Summary report for improved efficiency.
  4. Upgrade Demo Data Insertion for Free Plan Subscribers 

With this new feature, Site Owners who have subscribed to the Free plan can now easily insert demo data into their site. To do this, simply navigate to the Site Settings page, click on the "Insert Demo Data" button, and confirm the action by clicking on the "Confirm" button. Please note that once there is a transaction record, the demo data cannot be deleted.

Bugs Fixes

  1. Fixed the bug where user able to edit description of UOM 
  2. Fixed Pick List form Shipping Zone filter functionality.