The Job Status Updater utility is a utility that simplifies the process of modifying the job status for multiple Job Order records. The utility offers an intuitive user interface that enables users to select the specific records they wish to update and define the new job status values they want to apply. With the click of a button, the utility automatically updates all the selected records in a single process, without the need for manual intervention or modifying each job individually.

The utility's ability to handle large data sets significantly reduces the time and effort required for the task. Additionally, the utility provides instant feedback on any errors or invalid inputs, allowing users to correct them immediately. Overall, the Job Status Updater utility is a valuable tool for anyone managing Job Order records and seeking to streamline their workflow.

User may filter result by:

  1. Start Date - Select the range of job start date to filter the results.
  2. End Date - Select the range of job end date to filter the results.
  3. Job Order - Select the range of job order number to filter the results.
  4. Suffix - Select the job suffix to filter the results.
  5. Item - Select the range of items to filter the results.
  6. Product Code - Select the range of product code for the job item to filter the results.
  7. Select Preview radio button, allowing the user to review the job status changes in the list before committing them.
  8. Click the Process button to filter result.
  9.  The user has the option to check or uncheck the checkbox, and only the records with the checkbox checked will be processed.
  10. Once the user has reviewed and confirmed the records in the list, they can select the Commit mode and click on Process button to proceed with the job status change.

The fields in the listing are:

Job OrderJob order number.
SuffixJob order suffix number.
ItemThe designated code given to the job order item.
Item DescriptionThe full description, specifications, or name of the job order item.
Product Code product code of the job order item
Start DateDate to begin production
End DateTarget date of job completion
StatusCurrent Job order status.
New StatusNew status going to be change.