New Features

  1. Cloud Printing with PrintNode Integration

    1. This new feature allows users to directly print labels to the printers using the third-party service, PrintNode. Please note that a separate subscription to PrintNode is required, as it is not included in your Axacute subscription.
  2. Pallet Standard API

    1. The Pallet Standard API is a new addition to our developer portal, providing developers with a standardized and seamless way to interact with pallet-related data.  


 1. Add Location Description in Transaction Form

This enhancement includes the addition of the Location Description in the CO Shipping and WIP Move form's location list

      2. Table list persistence 

This enhancement introduced state save feature for table lists, the table list's state, including its column sequence, paging position and ordering state, can be automatically saved and restored. Users can now conveniently resume their table list interactions even after reloading the page or navigating to a sub-page.

      3. Data Import Limit 

This enhancement limits the data import to 1000 records via file. This improvement ensures smoother data management and prevents overwhelming imports

4. Transfer Order Support for Different UOM 

This enhancement enables the transfer order to accommodate shipping in different units of measurement. Users can now conveniently process orders with diverse unit specifications, streamlining the shipping process for increased flexibility and efficiency. 

Bugs Fixes

  1. Fixed the bug causing the Put Away fields to not reset after the process completion. Now, the Put Away fields are properly cleared after the completion of the process. 
  2. Fixed the bug that caused the Pick list filtering issue with the Due Date column. The fix ensures that users can now successfully filter the Pick list by entering the full date and time format in the Due Date column.