New Feature

  1. Allow Over Ship in Customer Order

This new feature allows users to perform CO Picking, CO Shipping, or Pick and Ship processes exceeding the ordered quantity, in accordance with the "Allow Over Ship" parameter setting. This parameter is accessible through the Transaction Parameter form and applies to CO Shipping and Pick and Ship Objects.


  1. Improved the system to preserve entered field values, even when errors occur, within the Misc. Issue, Stock Move, Put Away, PO Receipt, CO Picking, and TO Shipping forms.
  2. Improved the Job Material form to enable users to modify or delete materials associated with a job, provided the issued quantity for the material is 0. 
  3. Implemented a restriction that prevents changing a Transfer Order status to 'Completed' while items are still in transit location.
  4. Increased the character limit for Product Codes to 50 alphanumeric characters. 
  5. Users are now restricted from performing PO Receipt, Misc. Receipt, Job Receipt by LPN to frozen locations.
  6. Increased the field length in the Job Sheet to provide ample space for both item numbers and descriptions.
  7. Implemented validation in the item form that allows users to select "Location" only in the "Issue By" field if the item is not lot-tracked.

Bugs Fixes

  1. Fixed the issue where canceling label printing during CO Picking incorrectly redirected users to the Customer Order Picking page instead of the expected Customer Order List page when outstanding order lines were present.
  2. Fixed the issue of column filtering in the table triggered by the "View More" hyperlink in the "Short Allocation By CO Item" dashboard.
  3. Fixed the issue of incorrect sequencing of Job Materials in the Job Sheet report.