New Feature

  1. Export File Download Links with 24-Hour Access.  

This the feature allows users to easily download the exported file within a 24-hour timeframe. After this period, the hyperlink will be deactivated. Should the hyperlink become deactivated, users can initiate the export process again to obtain a new active link for downloading the file.


  1. Enhanced the Stock Move form by moving the 'To Location' field to the last step, making it easier to enter items, locations, lots, and quantities after selecting the warehouse.
  2. Extended the maximum character limit for shipping zone codes from 15 to 50. 
  3. Improved CO Picking List by excluding CO Lines with zero required quantity when the 'Allow Overship' parameter is OFF. 
  4. Implemented CAPTCHA for login. 
  5. Enhanced the 'Edit Purchase Order Line' form to allow editing of items and UOM when no transactions have been performed.  

Bugs Fixes

  1. Fixed the Transaction Type column in the Reason Code List not functioning. 
  2. Fixed an issue involving special characters in the Pallet and Inventory Count Module, as well as the Stock Move and Put Away forms.
  3. Fixed an issue with the Job Route module where the last operation was incorrectly identified. 
  4. Fixed the WIP Move form, which was not permitting over-completions, despite the 'Allow Over Complete' parameter being configured as 'Yes'. 
  5. Fixed an issue where the Operation Number was not displaying on the Job Material Issue label. 
  6. Fixed truncation of item names with long descriptions on Job Sheet reports. 
  7. Fixed the issue in the 'Add UOM Conversions' form where the UOM dropdown did not follow alphabetical order. 
  8. Fixed the issue of being unable to filter 'Job Run' in Transaction Type column on Material Transaction form.