New Features

1. Handling Non-Inventory Items in Customer Order Process  

A feature has been made to seamlessly manage non-inventory items throughout the Customer Order process. The introduction of the "Non-Inv Item" checkbox provides users with increased flexibility during customer order maintenance, allowing them to specify the nature of non-inventory items. The "CO Return" and "Pick and Ship" transactions have been adapted to seamlessly accommodate non-inventory items, ensuring a cohesive and user-friendly experience.

New Features Details:

a. Non-Inventory Item Handling in Customer Orders

The addition of the "Non-Inv Item" checkbox enables users to specify the nature of non-inventory items during order creation. This enhancement provides users with greater flexibility and control over non-inventory items within the customer order process.

b. "Pick and Ship" for Non-Inventory Items

Users can now perform "Pick and Ship" transactions for non-inventory items. It's important to note that non-inventory items are not tracked in the inventory system. Therefore, the system does not adjust stock levels when these items are picked and shipped. This feature streamlines the process of handling non-inventory items in customer orders.

c. "CO Return" for Non-Inventory Items

The system now supports "CO Return" transactions for non-inventory items. Similar to the "Pick and Ship" feature, non-inventory items are not tracked in the inventory system, ensuring that stock levels remain unaffected during return transactions.


  1. This enhancement enables users to input counted quantities using an alternate UOM within the Inventory Count mobile form. The system now automatically converts these entries to the base UOM, ensuring heightened accuracy and flexibility in inventory management. 
  2. This enhancement introduces a "Work Center" column in the Job Transaction form. Users can now easily access information on the associated work centers for each job transaction, enhancing visibility and control over operational workflows.   
  3. This enhancement tackles a performance issue in the Print Job Sheet and Print Pick List functions related to the time and memory-intensive PDF generation process, particularly during bulk printing.  To address this, we've removed bulk printing and introduced individual print functionality. Users can now print items one by one using the new "Print" button in the last "Action" column, significantly improving efficiency and reducing overall printing time.  

  4. This enhancement extends the Lot Number field to support up to 50 characters in all application forms, offering users greater flexibility in capturing detailed lot information. 

Bugs Fixes

  1. Fixed the time zone discrepancy issue in the Job Inquiry form, specifically for WIP Move, WIP Reverse, and Machine Run transactions. The correction ensures accurate time zone conversion based on the Site Setting form's "Timezone" field, providing users with precise and synchronized Start and End times.