Purchase Order

Purchase Order Creation and Management

  1. Users can create and manage purchase orders in the system.
  2. Define order details in the header: order number, status, vendor code, due date, DO number, notes and etc.
  3. Specify line details: line number, status, item, warehouse, and ordered quantity.
  4. Supports non-inventory items in the purchase order.
  5. Allows multiple warehouses for a purchase order, enabling order lines for different warehouses.
  6. User access can be restricted to transactions for their assigned warehouse.
  7. Control the status of the purchase order header and line.
  8. System automatically closes order lines when the receiving percentage fulfills the user-set minimum.
  9. Purchase order header auto closes when all lines are closed.

Order Number Definition

  1. Users can define a specific purchase order number format.
  2. The system generates order numbers based on the format specified by the user.
  3. Enables customization of order number structures to align with organizational preferences.
  4. Users can maintain one active order number definition per order type.
  5. Facilitates systematic and structured order numbering for various types of transactions.

Incoming - Purchase Order Receipt (Mobile Version)

  1. Users can receive purchase order items by unit, pallet, or multiple pallets.
  2. Validates received quantity based on parameter settings for over-receiving.
  3. Updates the purchase order and auto-closes the purchase order line upon full receipt.
  4. Updates inventory levels for received items.
  5. Generates transaction records for Purchase Order Receipt.

Purchase Order Receipt Label (Mobile Version)

  1. After receiving, the system auto-generates purchase order receipt labels.
  2. Users can print and affix labels to items before moving them to the storage location.

Outgoing - Purchase Order Return (Mobile Version)

  1. Users can reject or return received goods to the vendor.
  2. Requires stating the reason for the return.
  3. Validates the quantity returned based on parameter settings for over-return.
  4. Updates the purchase order regarding returned items.
  5. Updates inventory levels for the returned items.
  6. Generates transaction records for Purchase Order Return.

Material Transaction & Report

  1. Stores all transactions related to the purchase order in the Material Transaction history log.
  2. Purchase order receipt report provides a summary of all receipt records for each purchase order reference.

Axacute's Purchase Module streamlines the purchase order workflow, from creation and receipt to return, providing users with efficient tools for managing procurement processes and maintaining accurate transaction records.