New Feature

1. QR Code Scanning (handle multiple-value) - Inquiry and Pallet Module.
Introducing this new feature in the Inquiry and Pallet Modules. Users can active the Multi Scan functionality by checking the "Enable Multi Scan (Inventory)" checkbox in the Transaction Parameters form. Users will find an extra Scan field conveniently located at the top of the form, simplifying QR code scanning. Upon scanning a QR code containing Warehouse, Item, Lot, and Location, the corresponding values will automatically fill in the forms. This new feature aims to improve accuracy and save time in data input within the Inquiry and Pallet Modules by enabling users to effortlessly auto-fill forms. 


  1.  Improved Edit Lot Form functionality in this update allows users to set expiry dates to past dates, which enhances the flexibility in data management.
  2. Improved CO Shipping Form now includes text wrapping for the Item Description value in the customer order list, enhancing the handling of long text. 
  3. Improved Job Inquiry Form now incorporates pagination to expedite the display of job details, enhancing system performance and user experience. 
  4. Improved Order Number Definition List form with a change in the Order Type column header, replacing the free text search box with a list box for more efficient and precise searching. 

Bugs Fixes

  1. Fixed a bug where users encountered an error if they deleted a record in one browser tab while editing or viewing the same record in another tab. Now, refreshing the 'View' or 'Edit' form after deletion will correctly display a 'Record not found' message, ensuring a smoother user experience. 
  2. Fixed an issue in the Background Tasks form where clicking on the Action icon previously opened two browser tabs. This update ensures that only one tab opens, enhancing user interaction and efficiency. 
  3. Fixed an issue in the CO Picking Form to enable picking of any quantity greater than 0, provided it does not surpass the required quantity.