1. Improved handling of simultaneous PO Return transactions by multiple users with real-time validation for quantity availability upon form submission, ensuring accurate and conflict-free processing.
  2. Improved functionality to automatically fill in the "Warehouse and/or Item and/or Lot and/or Location" fields in the mobile form by scanning the QR code from the label. This feature applies to:
    1. Job Material Issue > Job Material Issue Details

    2. Pick List > Confirm Picking

    3. Job Material Return > Job Material Return Details

    4. Pallet Move

  3. Improved Inquiry module by adding pagination to the following forms: 
    1. Item Inquiry
    2. Pallet Inquiry
    3. Location Inquiry
    4. Job Attachment Inquiry
  4. Improved user experience by ensuring that entered field values remain visible and do not disappear after an error message is prompted. This update applies to the following forms: 
    1. Misc Receipt
    2. PO Receipt
    3. CO Return
    4. TO Receipt
    5. PO Return
    6. CO Picking
    7. CO Unpicking
    8. TO Shipping
    9. CO Shipping
    10. Pick & Ship
    11. Job Receipt
  5. Enhanced validation for item existence in the Item Master File across the following forms to ensure data integrity:
    1. CO Picking
    2. CO UnPicking
    3. Job Material Issue
    4. Job Material Return
    5. Pick List Picking
    6. Pick List UnPicking
  6. Improved the Labor Stop form by adding a search field below the Employee ID field, allowing users to search for value within the records. 
  7. Improved the Vendor List, Customer List, and Employee List forms to display a searchable list for Custom list fields. 
  8. Improved the Edit Shipping Zone form by implementing maximum character validation for the shipping zone description field. 
  9. Improved the Edit User Group form by introducing a 'Select All' checkbox in the Add Object and Add User Objects list, enabling users to quickly add all required forms with a single click. 

Bugs Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue on the Edit Item form where the 'Issue by' field wrongly showed FEFO, FIFO, and Lot options for non-lot-tracked items. It now displays these options exclusively for lot-tracked items.
  2. Fixed an issue where the Cancel button was not functioning when the page was opened in a new tab. The system now correctly routes to the previous page upon clicking the Cancel button.
  3. Fixed performance issues in the Add/Edit User Group functionality, reducing the time it takes to add or update a user group. 
  4. Fixed a performance issue causing delays in displaying the Users list page, resulting in faster load times. 
  5. Fixed a performance issue in the Add Allocation function, ensuring filtered results are displayed more promptly. 
  6. Fixed a bug in the Add PO Line form where the maximum character error message for the PO Line was being displayed 3 times.