Welcome to Axacute! This getting started guide includes all important information to get you on board and try out the features. You just required to perform TWO steps to get started.

Step 1: Sign Up Axacute

If this is your first time using Axacute and you are setting it up for your company, you can subscribe to our Free plan for two users (with demo data) or start a trial from our Plans page.

Select the plan and fill up the signup form. After submitting the signup form, you will have to verify your email address.


Once you clicked on the verify button, you will be prompted to fill up the basic information about your company and the information to create the Site and Site Owner account.

You will be auto login to the system upon the site is created.

Step 2: Setup and Run

There will be a welcome tour for users who first-time login to Axacute. Please go through the tour to understand the basic navigation of the system.

Next, you can learn how to set up the master files by following the steps provided in the Get Started checklist. 

**The tour guide teaching on Files setup is only available to the Site Owner and Site Administrator. 

Click on the Get Started beacon to begin. 

Other than that, you can import the master files data via API or using Excel by following our template. Find out more information here.

The master files are required before you can perform any transaction in the system. Kindly refer to the Setup Master Files guide for more information.

Demo Data

If you subscribed to our Free plan, you can start testing the system with our demo data. 

You can go to the Site Settings page, click on the Insert Demo Data button and click on Confirm button to retrieve the demo data to your site. (Note: demo data is not allowed to delete once there is transaction record)

What Else Should You Know?

  1. Implementation - FAQs about how to initiate implementation.
  2. Get Started Checklist - Get Started Checklist beacon is located at the top of the system. Follow the tour guide to learn how to create orders and how to perform transactions through Axacute mobile.
  3. System Configurations Guide - Provide guidance and information on how users can set controls on the functionalities in the system.
  4. User Guides - Detailed user guide for both inventory and production module.
  5. Technical Guide - Information on the hardware requirement for the barcode scanner and printer.
  6. Support Contact - If you have more questions, feel free to contact our support via email to